Kenneth K. Blyth is the oldest of three children born in Windsor, Ontario Canada to Margaret and George Blyth. Ken enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1942, and eventually became the pilot of one of its youngest bombing crews - The Cradle Crew. He became missing in action when he and his crew had to parachute into German territory when their aircraft was shot down during a bombing run on March 31, 1945. Ken and his crew became prisoners-of-war until the end of the war when the Russians came to set them free.

Upon Ken's return from the war he married Sarah Wiebe of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and began working for the Canadian Pacific Railway at a 50% reduction from what he had received in RCAF pay! Over the years they had five children. He continued in the railway business, and moved to the United States. After 47 years in the railroad industry he and Sarah retired to south Florida. They have ten grandchildren and he continues to write his memoirs.

The Cradle Crew's 50 Year Reunion     (Click For Larger Image)
50 Year Reunion
A Cradle Crew Reunion     (Click For Larger Image)
Cradle Crew Reunion

Ken continues to lead his Cradle Crew by staying in touch and making arrangements for periodic reunions in Western Canada. In addition, Ken has been to visit the site of his former prison camp in Barth, Germany on two occasions. While in Germay Ken located the name of the actual pilot of the ME-262 jet plane that shot him down on March 31, 1945 over Barth, Germany. He has made friends with both the residents of Barth and with several former Luftwaffe airmen from the war!

The Cradle Crew Visits The Former Stalag Prison Site     (Click For Larger Image)
Cradle Crew at the site of the former Stalag Prison Camp
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